Friday, August 28, 2015

July and the first half of August.

Once again I haven't been real stellar at keeping up with this.  Life is definitely busier with two kids. I can't necessarily tell you what we are busy doing but we seem to be busy non stop.  This year we had our annual 4th of July breakfast with Monty's family on the 3rd.  It just seemed to work out better for everyone's schedule.  Breakfast was followed by fun in the water.
 The morning of the 4th Mia did a good job keeping Ellie entertained.
 Mia had a blast with fireworks.  Her favorites are the sparklers and the big ones that go up in the air.
 I had fun playing with my camera getting pictures of her.
 The 4th of July Baby!

Aren't these guys a cute trio!
 Ellie is such a happy easy going baby.  She is always full of smiles and laughs.
 We had some pretty crazy lightening storms in July.  I headed outside during a few of the and tried to get some pictures.  I got a few that turned out kind of cool.
 A large portion of July was spent working in "the pit."  Once it was dug out then Monty had to put up the wall and get the ground cover down so we could start on the jungle gym.
Ellie would hang out under the tree in the shade while we would work.
 Getting closer.
 Every year Chick-fil-A has a cow appreciation day.  If you dress up like a cow you get a free combo meal.  Of course we made costumes and went and enjoyed our free food.  We didn't make Ellie dress up seeing as she wouldn't be eating the food, it was 100 degrees outside and she would have probably just eaten her paper costume anyway.
 Ellie has really started playing a lot with toys.  She's at such a fun age.
 Toward the end of July Grandpa and Grandma came down to help so we could get this stupid thing done finally!
 Grandma and the girls watching intently.  It just killed Mia waiting until she could play on it.
 Finally SUCCESS!!!
 Mia LOVES LOVES LOVES playing on her jungle gym and I love that she is no longer climbing her closet.
 I even got in on the action a bit.  It definitely made me feel old though.  I just can't swing and flip like I used to.
 July 24th we always have a big water party, BBQ, and firework show at Monty's parents.  Not only is it Pioneer Day, it's also Grandpa's birthday.  This little pool is barely big enough for two :-)
 There were sprinklers, a couple pools, and of course water guns.

 After singing happy birthday, the grandkids attacked with silly string!
 On July 28 Ellie was hanging in her usual spot under the tree while we were in the yard.  One minute she as on her back and the next...on her belly!  This girl is rolling all over the place now but sadly can only roll to the left.  It's pretty funny when she gets stuck.
 This girl loves to eat!!
 Mia really likes that Ellie is old enough to play with her even if it's just a little bit now.
 This girl is becoming quite the acrobat in bed.
 How CUTE!
Sadly I sold our swing because Ellie is just too big for it and now were pulling out the big baby toys.  It took her a few times but she's figured out how to use her jumper.  I don't know the weight limit on this thing but hopefully it's made for big chubby babies like ours.

 Mia is such a big helper.  She likes to help feed long as she gets her food first LOL.
 This summer our neighborhood did a party.  We pulled out grills, rented a bounce house and a huge water slide, and just hang out together and had a blast.  I think Mia probably spent 3 hours straight on this water slik
 Even Monty got in on the fun!
I guess it's just life that keeps us busy but we are having fun and enjoying it.  The rest of August has been and will be great but since this is the end of my pictures I will end here for tonight.  Stay tuned for more of our crazy life!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Life has been pretty basic and boring at our house lately.  June was a good month.  I guess we really were busy just with regular life type stuff.  June was HOT!!!!!!!!!! so we spent most of the time inside attempting to stay cool.  We pulled out the swimming pool and slip and slide a couple times but it was almost too hot even for those.   I think pictures are kind of random and out of order but I'm just going to go with it.  It's too hard to rearrange them and nap time isn't that long.
Ellie is growing like a weed.  Last week she was 19 lbs 3 oz.  She'll be 5 month old tomorrow!  She's huge!  She's so happy and always full of giggles.  She has outgrown all her 9 month clothes and even some of the 12 month ones.
 Mia loves her little sister and can't wait to teach her so many things.
 She's also a big helper.

 Check out that budda belly :-)
 I thought it was so cute to see Mia looking at her books under her lamp.  She was supposed to be going to bed but I decided to let her read a little longer.
 Sisterly Love.

 Pool Time.
 Mia had her first tumbling show in June.  She did great!
 It was really fun watching their performance.
 We also dug out the corner of our yard and leveled it off so we can put in a jungle gym.  The whole is dug, leveled, and the retaining wall is done so now it's time to start building the gym.
 Mia liked watching the tractors work.
 And playing in the we've since named the big hole
 Mia and her friends taking a nap.
 We started cereal with Ellie when she was just a little over 4 month old because she is huge and was eating so much.  I forgot what a struggle it is to teach babies how to eat.
 Mia got to go to the Syracuse Days parade again this year.
 It's always lots of fun and really close.
 First veggies.  Sweet potatoes.
 It's taken awhile but Ellie likes eating now.  She's had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, apples, and bananas.  So far she has liked everything.
 An out of order picture.  This is Mia's tumbling class.
 Attempting to stay cool.  Ellie loves playing out in the pool. Surprising with how young she is and how cold the water is.
 Mia got to go up to Idaho and spend a whole week with Grandma and Grandpa all by herself.  After that Ellie and I went to get her and spent another 5 days to waste some time while Monty was in New Orleans for work.  Mia had a blast at Grandma's and was so good for her.
 Shooting pool in Grandma's basment
 Uncle Shawn came over to play lots which always made Mia's day.
 The people down the path from my parents have horses.  Mia went down to feed them apples and carrots multiple times.
 This one liked to lick Mia.
 Grandpa has great trees for climbing.
 Mia will climb anything she can.
 I see you!
 She helped Grandpa mow the lawn on his tractor.
 They made bunny ears for Mia.
 Mia was more excited to see Ellie than she was me after the week away.
 More feeding the horses.
 Snuggle up.
 Grandma's was the first time we put Ellie in the pool.  We didn't think she'd like it but she did.  She didn't even mind getting splashed by Mia.
 I sat with my back to the sun and made shade for Ellie and we stayed in the pool for a good half hour until my legs hurt from sitting on them and I was getting too burnt.
We also got to see Mia's birth mom in June for the first time in a year and got to see Ellie's birth mom as well.  We are really enjoying being a family of 4 and so grateful for those who sacrificed so much to make us a family!