Wednesday, May 20, 2015

March, April, and oh yeah May is almost over

I have forgotten how busy life can be with a baby.  We are busy all day but seem to get nothing accomplished.  As soon as I decided that I would be better at keeping up with the blog things got even crazier.  Shortly after Ellie was born my Grandpa was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  My mom and some of her siblings went to Vegas to move him and his wife up to Utah to stay with my Uncle Ken so he could be closer to family.  Tons of family came to visit him and many of them stayed with us.  We had a constant revolving door (I finally just gave my mom her own key) of family.  Sixteen short days after he moved to Utah, on May 4th my Grandpa passed away.  This meant another round of family coming to stay with us for his funeral.  Luckily he passed away without pain and was surrounded by family like he always wanted.  The girls and I got to go visit him a couple times before he passed away.
 Our family at the funeral
We love Grandpa and will miss him but know he's moved on to bigger and better.

Now onto happier things.  I started with Grandpa because that seemed to be what added to the new found chaos that is our house.  As you can tell from the pictures above Ellie is growing like a weed.  She's almost 3 1/2 months old and weighs over 15 lbs.  That's what happens when you eat nearly 40 oz of formula everyday.
 She has more cheeks than she does face.
 Mia has become quite a good big sister.  It took her awhile to adjust to having a sister but things are going pretty good now.
 Mia loved having people constantly visiting at our house, especially Grandma Barb.
 Poor Uncle Shawn got spun around until he fell out of the chair.
We figured out how to rig Ellie's car seat into the bike trailer so we have gone on several family bike rides this spring.
Ellie's loves bath time.
 Hanging with Aunt Trina
 This is what a lot of our mornings look like except I'm usually in the middle.
 Mia watching Curious George with her "friends"
 We tried letting the girls take a bath together one night but Ellie's tub doesn't have suction cups on the bottom and it floats.  It didn't work out so
 Back when Ellie ate enough to only need the little bottles.
 I just think this picture of Ellie is too cute!
 We went to Jensen Nature Park to feed the ducks one weekend.
 It was a little windy.
 The girls and I headed down to Hogle Zoo with a friend of mine from work and her little boy.  Mia had tons of fun and Ellie slept right through it.
 Mia was adamant that she was riding the Zebra on the carousel.  Luckily it was still available.
 Easter Morning.  Mia got a tee ball set
 Ellie got a book, some food (for a few months from now) and a growth chart to hang in her room.
 Easter egg hunting at Nana's.
 While Monty went with the guys to the cabin the girls headed up to Idaho for a visit.  We went to the petting zoo and Mia got to feed the goats.
 One of the goats tried to eat Mia's bum.  Notice the big wet spot on her backside. :-)
 Grandpa and Ellie hanging out.
 Mia had a blast climbing Grandpa's trees/
 As well as helping Grandma make brownies.
 Ellie's 1st Sunday at church was up in Idaho.
 What a cute bunch!
 We went to feed the ducks when we were up in Logan one weekend but we ended up feeding more seagulls than ducks.
 I managed to get a picture of Mia's newly painted room but didn't have on of Ellie's room on the camera.  Maybe one day.
Hopefully I'll manage to keep up with the blog now.  I'm back to work so that should help.  The middle of the night when there is a quiet moment at work seems to be the best time to actually get the blog updated.  Only 3 1/2 more weeks of working full time and then I'll be part time!  YAHOO!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

February was an amazing month for us!  The #1 reason....

Ellie was born February 10, 2015. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long.
We got to see her in the hospital and spend a little time with her.
Sadly she spent 2 days in the NICU for antibiotics because they were worried she might have had an infection but she did great!
She joined our family and came home on February 13.  Mia was excited to meet her little sister.
She likes to be the big helper...sometimes.  Mia has had some adjustment issues but is doing better than I expected her to so that's a good thing.

When Ellie came home her bilirubin was super high so she ended up on photo therapy lights at home.  Luckily she didn't seem to mind them too much.
Mia was "keeping Ellie company" while she was hanging out in her bed on her lights.

Ellie's first bath.

Her huge blanket that grandma made her.
The weather has been nice enough we've even been able to go out on a few walks.
Mia was sharing her new baby with Ellie.
Most of February has just been spent hanging at home adjusting to being a family of 4.
My coworkers sent us a dozen chocolate covered strawberries to congratulate us on the new baby.  They were delicious.  Too bad we didn't get to share with Ellie.
Nana got Mia and Ellie cute little Valentine's Day outfits.
We had lots of visitors coming to meet Ellie.  Aunt Jen and her family came.
Aunt Kelli
 Aunt Trina
Uncle Shawn
And more.
My mom came and stayed with us for a week.  Mia loved it.  It's the longest Grandma has ever come to visit.
One day during quiet time Mia decided to turn herself into a tiger.  My mom walked back to the bathroom and saw Mia in her room and she whispered "Shh don't tell mom"  She had colored tiger stripes on both her legs, her arms, her stomach, and some on her face.  It was too funny to even get mad at her.
We have loved having Ellie in our family and are so very grateful for her birth family.  She has an strong, amazing birth mom who we have loved getting to know.  She will forever be our angel.  I promise I will be better in updating next month.  We are loving the warm weather March has brought and I need to get some pictures of the girls room up now that they are all done!